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Luminous had always revolved around the common meaning of the word, to bring enlightenment not just into craft beer, but also the community around it.

Old Luminous Logo

Cooley and Seth, two guys best known as at-home brewers, come together to start Luminous

Even from the beginning, the phrase “Brew Enlightenment” had only one definition in their eyes; to emphasize reason and individualism rather than tradition in their brewing process.

The Broadway location opens in the winter of 2016, pouring beer and offering a larger space for events.

People can now gather in the bar for a pint, and enjoy time with their family in the open space surrounding it. As both Cooley and Seth had small children at the time, a family- friendly location was always the goal, where anyone and everyone could come and feel comfortable to hang out and have a drink.


The nickname “Sheridan’s Living Room” was coined somewhere along the way

No one quite knows when the nickname was coined but the moniker has stuck. Either way, we embrace being a location where Sheridan comes together as a community today.

Come on in, everyone is welcome in Sheridan’s Living Room.

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Cooley Butler

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Jonny Law

general manager
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Brewmaster Man


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